November 7, 2017

Hello there reader. I’ve been a victim of procrastination this past 4 weeks. Let me take that back – there’s no way you can be a VICTIM of procrastination; you should be in control of your own mind, at least that’s what the books and articles I’ve been reading lately tells me.

I read an article online this past week and it has been an eye opener for me. It touched on “paralysis by analysis.” Please google that and read as many articles as you can…only if they are interesting and maybe funny :) . That article led me to put this post up. To push myself creatively and be unapologetic about my artistry, that’s the only way my true authentic self will shine through.

As much as I love fashion and all that feminine stuff, I don’t like spending hours on end in the salon, even though sometimes I’m forced to. My go to styles would be any hairstyle that wouldn’t require a village to do, (Kenyatta Market fans, you feel me). The picture tells it all, Big Braids, and all it took was an hour.

Another upside to this hairstyle is that it is not detrimental to your edges. And when it’s time to unbraid them, you’ll only need 30 minutes. Time is money, so let’s save some.

That will be it folks!

I am so proud to upload this, I think I’ve got my blogging groove back – I almost lost it for a second. Comment down below and let me in on your thoughts. It will be highly appreciated.

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