March 13, 2017

Good afternoon.

Today I bring you the full look I had on 2 weekends ago. I f you read my last blog post and follow me on Instagram you are well aware of what I’m talking about. The avocado + corn flour goodness on my skin. Refer to this post here, so I don’t lose you.


Floral maxi skirts is a must-have in your wardrobe if your style is a little bit girly/feminine. Funny how my style has evolved over time. I used to be a tom boy in high school, this was brought to memory by a good friend of mine this past Sunday. We had a photo shoot, where this time I had the photographer hat on, and she was the model – watch out for that work here in a week’s time.



An added advantage of the floral skirt is that it’s very versatile; you get different looks depending on how you style it. This up above is one of them. It’s simple and easy, and perfect for hot weather, you know, it fans you as you saunter.

If you want to see another look of how I style this skirt let me know in the comments.


PS: My sandals are from @citywalk_kenya

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