November 14, 2017

Assuming the video wasn’t enough, I’ve decided to share a few snapshots of “How I style my Blue jeans”. If you haven’t watched the video or any of my videos for that matter, pass by my YouTube Channel here. Feel free to subscribe and let me know what kind of videos you’d like to see me shoot.

Let’s all take a moment and give an ode to the creator of jeans, or is it denim. Let me google this real quick to figure out the genesis of it all. Ok, I have the answers, denim is the fabric, while jeans are the pants made from denim which were first created in 1871! Wow!


Anytime I get a chance to put on a pair, I take it, as at right now, I can’t wear it as I choose. Work life, Grown up life or as the millennials call it “adulting” – the word sounds suspect, but just google it, it’s not what you think….Am I a millennial? Funny how my mind jumps from one thing to another….Is it because I’m a woman.Ok Bellz, stop it.

Funny thing, I’ve just realized my thrifted jeans are of much higher quality than the ones I normally buy from clothes stores. Some of you might think this is an obvious thing to know, but when I bought my first pair of jeans as a teenager, it was from a store and it lasted ages. I bet I stuck to that notion. But for now, I’m all about thrifted jeans. If you are about this life, high five!!




We are in the rainy season of December and oh boy the importance of boots right now. If you don’t own one, save up and get yourself one. Doll shoes will not cut it. You will obviously reduce the “life” of your doll shoes if you are going out with them in the rain. Trust me I know. You could go for a blocked heel boot, like the one I have here, or if you want to be super comfortable get yourself the flat ones.

Thank you for stopping by. And see you next time.


Psssst: I enjoyed writing this. Plus there’s a perfectly curated playlist playing in my ears right now. It is a good day. May you have a good one too.


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