March 24, 2017

Model: Eva

Style and Makeup: Shades of Bellz

Photography: Malkia Bellz Photography

Heeeey :) , how are my people, my loves, my readers who keep me doing this week after week. I received all the love regarding my previous post and I’m sending that right back to you.

The weekend is here, you know chill mode, might watch a comedy/drama or two.  My favorite being Blackish – I love the subtle sarcasm and laughter it brings to my life. I believe that show, myself and my little sister have the same sense of humour. Speaking of my little sister – what do you think of these photos I took of her? I f you follow me on social media you probably have seen this before.

I’m on that groove with my photography. The important thing for me is to keep shooting and enjoy the ride.

This photo was taken at the back of our house; I used a leso backdrop to add some vibe to the whole work of art plus a touch of bougainvillea for some colour – my obsession with different shades of red continues. Using the leso was an idea borrowed from one of Kenya’s travel photographers whose work I admire. I was amazed by the results of this shoot because all I used was a basic Nikon Coolpix Camera.







You’re most welcome to critique my work. So comment down below and let me into your thoughts.


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