March 22, 2017


Bellz is in a maxi dress. I don’t own enough of these and I think it’s time I upgrade my closet. To my friend who gifted this dress to me last year, thank you. Kisses to you.

Have you noticed that I’ve changed my hair? It’s amazing how you can create an entire different look by just the way your hair looks. From my red braids, to embracing my afro and now to jet black straight hair-which I’m loving right now.

We are in 2017, the year that I’ve decided to chase after my creative pursuits and I have a feeling it’s going to be a great journey, whether good or bad. It’s March and oh boy, the clock is ticking first and I’m trying to be in time…on time….and sometimes I feel like I’m already 15 minutes late – chasing your dreams can be a daunting task. Funny how 15 is the number you always tell someone you need, when you know you’re running late :) .

Plus, this year a couple of my creative friends are taking risks in their fields and making great strides as they go along which is amazing. This includes photographers, fashion designers and fashion bloggers – thumbs up.

This past weekend I was involved in a fashion shoot of a new collection by one of Kisumu’s homebased designers. I will be sharing some of the pictures here, so watch out for that. During this shoot I met the photographer on assignment who when I asked to take my pictures on cue didn’t hesitate and produced the pictures above all under 30 seconds. “Thank you so much Opuk Jakinda, these are lovely pictures that I’m currently besotted with.”



PS: Notice how the knitted black top has added lots of vibe to this look. Comment down below if you love it. So if by chance you are shopping and you see such kinds of tops, get yourself one, there’s so much you can do with them to change an entire look.

Bye bye. See you on Friday.


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