March 20, 2017

Model: Ivor Askar

Style and Makeup: Model’s own

Photography: Malkia Bellz Photography

There’s going to be some changes around here. If you take a look at the tabs at the top, you’ll notice that I have introduced a “Malkia Bellz Photography” category. If you’re wondering what’s with the name, it started when one of my older cousins was making fun of me that I’m not on twitter yet; this was around 2010. He said I’m supposed to be the millennial in the family and yet I was still living in the dark. So I took the plunge and opened my twitter account that year – I wanted a catchy name and “Malkia” fit perfectly right with me. – I think.


This category is going to be about my photography ventures. I tried running away from it, but it keeps chasing after me. I think this piece of art has an indelible mark on my heart. It’s funny because I once attended an International Student Conference in Germany thanks to Photography – why am I running, I wonder. I wonder why. So to my love Photography, it’s you and me forever baby.


Today I am sharing pictures I took a fortnight ago. It was an outdoor shoot and  loved how the pictures came out. If you follow me on Instagram (I have two accounts one purely for my sense of style and the other my photography) you have probably seen one of the pieces I’m sharing here.

It would be really nice to get a feedback from you, it would mean a whole lot!! You have no idea. So comment down below and let me into your minds just for a minute to know what you think about this new venture.


Kisses to you.

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