November 22, 2017

Lately Nairobi has been chilly, with abrupt rains that mostly start at 7.00am just when you are about to leave the house for work. Not Cool. I would prefer it to rain overnight, or maybe at around 9.00 or 10.00am when I’m seated at the office sipping my hot tea. But then again, it’s not up to us to decide when the blessings flow.

Contrary to my shared “sentiments” above, I actually do love the rains. The atmosphere immediately after is worth a billion pictures. The sunlight is just right, all the dust in the air has been washed away – a literal breath of fresh air. This is what makes couples get out of the house and take their looong romantic walks. Me thinks I watch too many hallmark movies :)


Onto my outfit, I am currently obsessed with polo necks right now as they are cozy and warm. Perfect for the November/December weather in Kenya. I was reading an article a few days ago on how multi-billion dollar companies are made, I promise you  am not digressing, stay with me…The author(whose style of writing incorporates humour) said, you need to start wearing poll necks like Steve Jobs to get there and by all means do not rock it like Winnie The Pooh. Who knew Winnie The Pooh was wearing poll necks!


As always I’m glad you stopped by, and if you’d like to pick my brain a little, let’s chat in the comments.


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